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Рубль и российские акции снизятся после выплаты дивидендов

Investing.com − Сезон выплаты дивидендов подходит к концу. На текущей неделе российские корпорации должны выплатить дивиденды на общую сумму 110 млрд руб. На этой неделе реестры, в числе прочих компаний, закрывают Газпром, Россети), Транснефть) и Алроса. По мере завершения сезона закрытия реестров акционеров, которые получат годовые дивиденды, многие …

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Битва фундаментальных и технических прогнозистов. 18 июля

Рубль и российские акции снизятся после выплаты дивидендов

Investing.com − Сезон выплаты дивидендов подходит к концу. На текущей неделе российские корпорации должны выплатить дивиденды на общую сумму 110 млрд руб. На этой неделе реестры, в числе прочих компаний, закрывают Газпром, Россети), Транснефть) и Алроса. По мере завершения сезона закрытия реестров акционеров, которые получат годовые дивиденды, многие …

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Малый и средний бизнес: новые цели

Топ-5 новостей понедельника
Investing.comОбщие новостные сообщения

Главные пять новостей для финансовых рынков в понедельник, 18 июля:
1. Турецкая лира отскочила, а акции рухнули после неудачной попытки государственного переворота
В понедельник турецкая лира восстановилась по отношению к американская валютау, так как правительство Турции восстановило контроль над страной после неудачной попытки переворота в минувшие выходные, ослабив …

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Роль государства в развитии малого бизнеса

Топ-5 новостей понедельника
Investing.comОбщие новостные сообщения

Главные пять новостей для финансовых рынков в понедельник, 18 июля:
1. Турецкая лира отскочила, а акции рухнули после неудачной попытки государственного переворота
В понедельник турецкая лира восстановилась по отношению к американская валютау, так как правительство Турции восстановило контроль над страной после неудачной попытки переворота в минувшие выходные, ослабив …

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Звёздные рестораны: как артисты становятся рестораторами?

Нефть дорожает на фоне ослабления беспокойств о Турции
ReutersСырьевые товары

СИНГАПУР (Рейтер) — Цвалюты Японии на нефть повысилсяли на азиатских торгах в понедельник после подъема на прошлой неделе, так как игрокы пришли в себя после попытки переворота в Турции в пятницу, в то время как ослабление американская валютаа и оптимистичные экономические инфо из США поддержали котировки. К 8.24 МСК фьючерсный контракты на нефть Brent повысилсяли на 0,34 процента до $47,77 за …

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How to Enter Foreign Markets

Which foreign markets

The profit potential of a foreign market will differ from company to company. The decision on which market to enter, lies not only within the potential of a company to increase its profitability, but also the risks associated with doing business in that specific country. Preference should be given to countries that are more attractive in terms of long run profit potential.

When should you enter

Another important decision to make, is when to enter a foreign market. The entrepreneur should decide whether he wants to gain a «first to market» advantage and build sales volume, but then also run the risk of a product not establishing itself in the new market. The alternative is to wait for a competitor to enter the chosen market first, and then reverse the «first to market» effects.

The scale of entry

Entering a market on a large scale implies that that the company will have to invest in significant resources, which will definitely make it easier to attract customers and distributors — simply because it may create the impression that the company is in the market to stay there.

However, by entering on a small scale, the company can learn about the foreign market and thus limit the risks associated with trotting in unknown waters.

Ways of entering a foreign market


This is the least risky way to enter foreign markets, as it avoids the substantial costs of establishing manufacturing operations in the new market. A disadvantage of exporting is that high transportation costs can make exporting uneconomical.

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects can be described as exporting process technology to other countries. In a typical project, the contractor agrees to do the training of operating personnel, above other similar start up activities, so that at the end of the contract period, the foreign client is handed the «key» to a plant that is ready for full operation.


This is an agreement whereby a licensor grants the rights to intellectual property (patents, inventions, copyrights etc.) to another company (licensee) for a certain period. The licensor would benefit from royalty fees without having to bear the development costs and risks associated with operating in a foreign market.


The Franchiser sells intellectual property to the franchisee, but also contractually forces the franchisee to abide by strict rules as to how it does business. As with licensing, the franchisor typically receives a royalty payment. The franchisee assumes the costs and risks of opening in a foreign market.

Joint ventures

A joint venture is formed when two independent companies establishes a firm that is jointly owned, one of which is a local company. The two companies would typically contribute a team of managers to share operating control. A joint venture enables a firm to benefit from a local partner’s knowledge of the host country’s competitive conditions, culture, language, political systems and business systems and also to share costs.

Wholly owned subsidiaries

In a wholly owned subsidiary, the firm owns all the stock. The firm can either set up a new operation in that country, or it can acquire an established firm in the host nation.

Source by Concha Stroebel

Financial Planning Advice

The aim of financial planning is to analyse your current financial status and make suggestions and recommendations that will help you secure your long-term financial future. Many leading financial advisors recognise that in order to be successful they need to comprehensively understand a client aims and objectives. Once they’ve established a clear idea of what the client wishes to achieve they can then begin to identify the best financial solution for their client.

In a typical assessment the following aspects will be taken into consideration, naturally this will vary on a client to client basis: budget, asset allocation, savings and investment, risk management, insurance, cash-flow, taxation, life cover, retirement plans and estate management.

To achieve a secure financial future that will benefit both you and your family it is essential that you discover the best possible solutions for your own individual circumstances and objectives. By enlisting the support of a personal financial advisor they can help you develop a strong financial strategy that is designed to fit in with your current lifestyle and long-term plans.

Expert advisors will assess your position on an ongoing basis and make the required changes in order to deliver the best results. As with most things in life, change happens and it is necessary to adjust your planning in the event of unexpected situations. Many leading advisors will understand that you’ve worked incredibly hard for your money and they’ll do their best to ensure that it works as hard for you as you have for it.

Financial advisors can provide information on the following aspects of wealth management:

Savings Plans. Regardless of the purpose and whether you are looking to save a large or a small amount, financial advisors will factor in different elements to find the right outcome for your own individual needs. A savings plan is the ideal way for you to save the funds you need to purchase a new house, plan a wedding or take time out to travel the world.

Lump Sum & Offshore Investment. These are often a popular alternative to keeping your saving in a bank or building society and offshore investments can sometimes provide the opportunity to take advantage of significant tax breaks.

Life Assurance. There is no value that can be placed on life but in order to find the best options that are available to you a financial advisor will be able to talk you through a range of policies and offer additional health protection cover that can be added.

Source by Jay J Stephens

The Accuracy of Eye Witness Testimony and Its Flaws

As citizens of the United States of America, we believe the U.S. is a very successful country compared to the rest of the world. For the most part, we also trust and respect our complex justice system. If a suspect is proven guilty by the court of law and claims he or she is innocent, we usually have more faith in the court’s decision rather than what the suspect is trying to say. After all, we do want as many criminals as possible behind bars, right? If the crime committed was very disturbing such as murdering a child we become very furious and we want to make sure that someone pays for that. Once the court rules a guilty verdict against a suspect in such a horrible case, we feel safe for another day in our comfortable homes. All thanks to our perfect judicial system another criminal is behind bars.

The U.S. courts do often help protect the rest of society by locking up dangerous people. Unfortunately the system is far from perfect and innocent people receive guilty verdicts. These innocent people are torn away from their families, careers, free life and faced with humiliation. They often face many years or life behind bars and even the death penalty. Such a harsh punishment for the person who did not commit the crime. It is scary to think that anyone of us can fall in to this loop-hole in our judicial system where we can face time in prison even though we are innocent.

How could this happen, how can the court misjudge such life impacting cases and come up with the wrong verdict? Researchers had done many investigations on wrongful arrests, they found that the large majority of arrests were mistaken because eyewitnesses have pointed out the wrong people. Having as many criminals as possible behind bars in today’s system comes with a price, the price of innocent people going to jail too. The emotional victims want someone to pay for the crime, as long as someone gets punished they will feel better. The victim will go home and feel safer, sometimes not realizing that an innocent person is paying a price so the victim can feel cozy.

Many experiments conclude that jurors and law professionals rely a lot on eyewitnesses to come up with a guilty or not guilty verdict. Gary Wells (1998) researched forty special cases. In all forty cases DNA proved that all forty convicted suspects were innocent. In thirty-six of these cases eyewitnesses wrongfully accused the suspects. This is a major flaw with eye witness testimony. This is a crime in itself! First of all we are talking about forty people being wrongfully accused. More than three quarters of them are accused thanks to their «perfect memory» witnesses. This alone proves that eye witness testimonies should not be given as much credit as they are in today’s justice system.

A real life example of the eye witness testimony flaw is the Harris and Adams case. A police officer pulled over a vehicle at night to let the driver know that his headlights were turned off. The driver pulled out a gun and killed the officer. Suspect Harris was found a month later denying that he shot the officer. Harris claimed he picked up a hitch-hiker who was driving the car and the hitch-hiker shot the officer. The second suspect Adams who was the hitch-hiker claimed he was innocent but three witnesses claimed they saw him shoot the officer because Adams had a mustache and long hair which fit in to their description. Although Harris confessed that he stole the car and the loaded handgun, Adams was charged for the murder because three witnesses claimed they saw a description of Adams shooting the officer. Years later, the freed Harris was charged for a different murder and confessed on death row that he also shot the police officer twelve years earlier. Adams was finally released after an innocent twelve year sentence. Three witnesses pointed the finger at the wrong person.

How can three different witnesses point at the wrong person? Human memory is not like video or photo camera that can bring up a clear picture later in time. Our memories are often distorted by our schemas and other factors. If we are missing a piece of the picture when trying to remember something, our mind will replace it with something else. In this situation we will have a skewed memory. It was dark outside when the officer pulled the car over, therefore we can only see parts of the situation. Our mind can fill in those dark spots with other schemas when we try to remember the situation at a future time. The other problem can be the biased questions that police officers and investigators ask the eyewitnesses. For example if the officer has seen the suspect in custody, the officer’s questions to the witness may be biased by the suspect’s true description. Unknowingly, the officer might even make hints as to whether the witness is on the right track for describing a similar description of the suspect.

Another study was done by Patricia Tollestrup, John Turtle, and John Yille. The study focused on how we acquisition or pay attention to a certain scene, how we store that information and how we retrieve it later from our memory. They studied cases where the suspect confessed to the crime. These cases had eyewitness bystanders and eyewitness victims. The bystanders proved to have a more accurate memory of the crime scene than the victims involved. 100% of the bystanders remembered if the suspect had facial hair, only 60% of the crime victims remembered this correctly. Only 48% of the bystanders and 38% of the victims involved remembered the hair color of the suspect. The worse part is that both the bystanders and the victim eyewitnesses chose the right criminal 48% of the time in a lineup. This study shows that eyewitness testimony is very weak. It also shows that if the eyewitness was the victim of the crime, chances are their testimony is even weaker because of many factors that bias their memory. Another major reason why eye witness testimony should not take as much weight as it does today.

Jurors in a court case often don’t realize the imperfections of eye witness testimony. They don’t realize how imperfect our memories can be. If the jurors hear a great deal of confident detail about the crime from the witness, the jurors can easily be convinced by such a testimony. In an unusual event such as a short crime scene, a witness only collects pieces of the scene and later tries to put it altogether in to a story. Another conflict we have with memory is cross-racial identification. We have more difficulty identifying someone of another race other than ours. For example a black witness might have a harder time identifying a white suspect because blacks find it easier to differentiate between blacks. A black witness will have a harder time differentiating between whites the same as whites will have a tough time differentiating between Asians or Hispanics.

Another flaw that sometimes if not often puts innocent people in jail is the confident testimony of a victim that was seriously hurt or violated (Loftus). When this victim says with confidence «this is the guy that did it, I will never forget that face…» it is hard not to discredit their feelings and the fact that they lived through that horrible crime. Therefore it becomes easy to go with their testimony. A huge problem that Elizabeth Loftus talks about is the fact that judges will often not allow an expert to testify to the jury about the flaws of eyewitness testimony. Some judges will allow it, but others will make excuses as to why this expert testimony is not allowed. This leaves the jury uneducated about eyewitness flaws which potentially leads to a wrongful verdict.

When further researching the subject, I was amazed at some of the statistics I read about the inaccuracy of eye witness testimony. This is even if the crime occurred in broad daylight and there were many witnesses. I was also amazed at how much the courts rely on witnesses. Elizabeth Loftus went on to explain that when a judge decides not educate the jury of memory inconsistency of eyewitnesses, the jury for the most part decides the verdict from their «gut feeling». They ignore the balance that needs to be present between physical scientific evidence and witness testimony. The jurors without the simple education rely too heavily on the witness. This leads the jurors to make the wrong decision and possibly convict the wrong person. Another great point that was made by Loftus is the repetition of seeing the accused person. When the victim spends time seeing the person in photos, in lineups, in the courtroom, the suspect even if truly innocent becomes encrypted more and more in the victims memory. This makes it possible that if the victim saw the true criminal he or she probably wont recognize the criminal anymore especially if the victim saw the criminal once for a short time during the crime.

Our ability to remember accurately is not as reliable as we think it is. We are often unaware that our memories change which causes us to change the story from what really happened. We often forget the importance of the factors that can skew our memory and perception. Unfortunately we think factors such as confidence and details are more important and reliable when in fact these factors cause errors in decision making. When a case is made, the court system and the police should not rely so heavily on eye witness testimony, they need to continue to find more evidence in a case even if there are witnesses who sound like they have a good story.

Read some true stories that related to flawed eye witness testimonies and you will see how damaging it can be!

Source by Zak Miller

Are Indoor Humidity Levels Affecting Your Health?

The ideal indoor humidity level is either 35% to 45% or 40% to 50% depending on who you ask. Thankfully, the human body is quite flexible and you do not have too aim at an exact figure. The important thing is to avoid extremes. Living indoors is not entirely natural. The artificial environments that we create for ourselves can sometimes cause extremes of humidity to occur. For short periods of time this is nothing to worry about, but the long term effects can be quite unpleasant.

If the humidity level regularly exceeds 50% you are likely to experience a rapidly increasing dust mite population, which will affect allergy sufferers. Permanently damp rooms tend to have a musty smell. The damp air is a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and fungus, which can cause serious health problems. Where ever possible the cause of such conditions should be removed, but it is not always that simple and a dehumidifier may be required. A modern dehumidifier with built in humidistat can be programmed to maintain a humidity level below 50%. There are a wide variety available, so it is important to find the correct type for your situation. A useful guide to dehumidifiers can be found at DehumidifierTips.com

Consistently low humidity levels are also bad. This tends to occur when the weather is cold outside and we turn up the heat in our homes. The most noticeable effects are a sore throat and sinus pain, symptoms that are common in modern society at certain times of year. You can also get dry skin and itchy eyes. The solution is to buy a humidifier that will put moisture back into the air. Like dehumidifiers, these can be programmed to operate automatically, and there is a huge range available that make the most of a variety of different humidification techniques. These techniques are explored in detail at HumidifierInformation.com together with everything else you need to know on the subject.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, maybe you should buy a hygrometer (humidity meter) and take some readings to find out if humidity is the cause. With modern technology at your disposal there is no need for your health to suffer.

Source by Lex Sewell

Прощай, насилие

Турецкие власти подавили военный переворот
ReutersОбщие новостные сообщения

СТАМБУЛ/АНКАРА (Рейтер) — Лояльные турецким властям силы положили конец военному перевороту, участники которого попытались захватить власть в ночь на субботу. В результате противостояния погибли более 160 человек, включая большое число гражданского населения. Группа военных попыталась свергнуть правительство, использовав танки и вертолеты в Анкаре и …

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Currency Trading Strategy — How To Use The Fib 127 For Consistent Profits

A solid currency trading strategy consists of entering a trade at the right place, having a stop that is properly calculated, and setting a reasonable profit target level that works time after time after time.

Many newer traders set too ambitious profit targets expecting the trade to be «the big one» and hoping it will help offset the losses they have accumulated.

However, a far more effective currency trading strategy is to set a reasonable profit target each time, not expecting the home run, and being satisfied with smaller profits which on a consistent basis will build the equity in the account surprisingly quickly once the compounding action kicks in.

Here is where the Fibonacci tool comes in.

This article assumes a trader knows how to use the Fibonacci tool which comes as a standard technical analysis tool on most charting software packages.

While the key retracement levels are 38, 50, 62 and 70 percent, two extension levels are commonly used — 1.27 and 1.62 percent.

The Importance Of Fib 127

It is the 1.27 level we are interested in.


Because price regularly gets to the 1.27 level, or at least within a few pips of it. Price also gets to the 1.62 level fairly often but not nearly as often as the 1.27 level.

So if you are trading with the trend, always a safe currency trading strategy, and price has pulled back to the 50 or 62 retracement levels, there is a very reasonable chance price will reach the 1.27 target.

If price pulls back to the 79 retracement level it may not go so far. If you trade from that retracement, you will want to take the first profit at the end of the swing as price may not extend beyond that point to the 1.27 or 1.62 level.

Some traders just focus on this currency trading strategy when going with the trend:

  • In at the Fib 50 retracement
  • Out at the Fib 127 extension

Why is this such a sound currency trading strategy?

Because the Fib 38 retracement level does not offer such a good risk reward ratio many times. There is always the risk price will pull back further and take out your stop.

On the other hand, price frequently fails to reach the 62 or 79 retracement levels so the trader is left on the sidelines as the trade fails to get filled.

The 50 level is frequently reached so the trader has a good chance of getting his order filled.

On the other hand, the 127 extension is not too ambitious. In at 50 and out at 127 will often net a profit of somewhere between 25 and 40 pips. With a 20 to 25 pip stop the risk reward ratio is satisfactory.

How To Use Fib 127

Here are some other factors to consider when using the Fib 127 extension:

Look to see if this level coincides with other factors such as

  • A previous key level of support or resistance on the higher time frames such as 1 hour, 4 hour, daily, or even weekly.
  • The 200 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) on the 1 hour or 4 hour. This often provides quite a strong level of support and resistance.
  • A pivot point (Central Pivot Point, R1, R2, S1, S2, or M1-4 levels ) calculated from the previous day’s High, Low and Close.
  • Even when targeting the Fib 127 as the profit taking point, it is wise to trim a couple of pips of the limit order. So often price will nearly reach Fib 127 and pull back.

    Yes it might go on to touch it later but in the meantime price retraces and you have to have the mental stamina to be able to handle that.

    Many traders would rather just take a slightly smaller profit and save themselves one or two hours of price consolidation with the risk they may lose the profit altogether.

    A solid currency trading strategy develops over time. A key ingredient is not being too ambitious. The Fib 127 extension level is a reasonable profit target you can use regularly to extract your wages from the Forex market!

    Source by Michael A Jones

    Forex Expert Advisors Vs Automatic Trading Robots — Which is Better?

    Two of the ways in which you can trade the currency market without really locating entry points yourself is by using an EA (Expert Advisor) program or an automatic trading robot. These two solutions have become widely popular in recent years with the advent of the Internet and other technological developments.

    What is the difference between an Expert Advisor and an automatic Forex robot and which one should you use?

    There are many similarities between EAs and trading robots:

    1. Both are software programs which were developed to trade the market on your behalf.

    2. EAs and robots both take care of the analysis part of the trade. They go over the current market prices and based on their internal algorithms and technical indicators, they discover the entry points for high probability trades.

    The second similarity makes using either of these two solutions a low hassle way to take part in the currency market.

    However, there is one major difference between EAs and automatic trading robots: EAs don’t really trade on your behalf while robots do.

    You see, EAs just provide you with trading signals. They tell you when they believe you should trade but they don’t actually place the trade for you. This does mean that you need to be around to place the trade but it also gives you an additional layer of control, a final «veto» so to speak in which you can decide whether to follow the signal or not.

    Automatic trading robots are an entirely different thing. A robot takes care of the entire trading process for you. It discovers where to place the trade and actually enters it for you. It also exits the market on your behalf, and it’s all done automatically without your active participation.

    There is certainly something appealing about such a low hassle way to trade the market as a robot gives you but it also means that you’re not in control. An Expert Advisor is a much better way to be involved in the market and perhaps even learn something new about it.

    If you want to be more involved in Forex trading, then an EA is the right solution for you. If you don’t then a robot may be better.

    However, know that it is always good to know more about how the market is run. For that, a robot doesn’t really work. It can make you money, but it can’t teach you anything.

    Source by John J. Drummond

    Турецкий путч: какого развития событий ожидают в обществе?

    Турецкие военные говорят, что захватили власть, …
    ReutersОбщие новостные сообщения

    СТАМБУЛ/АНКАРА (Рейтер) — Турецкие военные говорят, что захватили власть в стране, но власти обещают подавить сопротивление. Премьер Турции Бинали Йылдырым сообщил, что часть турецких военных пытается осуществить военный переворот и им пытаются противостоять службы безопасности . Гостелеканал TRT сообщил о введенном по всей Турции комендантском часе. Диктор…

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    How To Produce Taxi Driver Accounts Plus Tax Returns In Less Than 2 Hours

    Since the majority of taxi drivers, but certainly not all, have little accounting or bookkeeping knowledge the lower the level of expertise required the more suitable such an accounts package will be. Data entry basically consists of just 3 records, being an excel spreadsheet for taxi receipts; another for taxi expenses plus a further worksheet in which assets such as a vehicle can be recorded.

    Taxi receipts are entered on a series of excel worksheets within the taxi income work book preset with each day of the financial year. Weekly and monthly totals are added and transferred through the linking system from the taxi bookkeeping sheets to the taxi financial accounts sheet.

    Taxi expenses are listed on a series of twelve monthly spreadsheets which have preset columns with appropriate headings for taxi drivers to record office and rental costs, fuel bills, other vehicle costs and licence fees. The total of each expense is entered on each row and a single letter used to then analyse the taxi expense to the column required. As with the taxi income sheet the columns are then automatically added which includes a check on data entry accuracy before being transferred to the taxi driver accounts sheet.

    Cash and bank spreadsheets are not provided as not required by taxi drivers as taxi drivers do not need to produce a balance sheet.

    In addition to entering purchases on the taxi expense sheet the only other entries required from the taxi driver to produce a set of taxi driver accounts is to also enter vehicle and any other assets purchased on the fixed asset spreadsheet. The fixed asset spreadsheet having already been preset with both depreciation rates and the capital allowances that taxi drivers can claim. The taxi accounts software is then complete.

    The financial accounts file contains formulae to produce a monthly profit and loss account that includes the taxi capital allowances from the fixed asset schedule.

    A unique feature is that both mileages covered and vehicle running costs can be entered. The tax rules in the UK state that drivers cannot claim both mileage allowances and vehicle running costs. It has to be one or the other and only at the end of the financial year when it becomes clear which is the most tax efficient.

    This taxi accounts package compares both the mileage cost and the vehicle running cost and automatically selects the most expensive. This ensures the highest costs are selected into the calculation of the net taxable profits and highest cost equals lowest tax bill.

    Also in the taxi accounts file is an excel spreadsheet designed with the same layout, colour codes and box numbers as the inland revenue self assessment tax return. The taxi self assessment tax return is completed automatically by the cabsmart taxi accounts software. No entries are required leaving the taxi driver only to click print to produce the self assessment tax return.

    Finally having calculated the net taxable profit for the year the accounting package also has a tax calculator that calculates the amount of income tax and national insurance to be paid.

    The taxi driver accounts package has been tested many times and the annual receipts and expenses for a full year take approximately 2 to 3 hours to enter, and have been completed in less than 2 hours. The end product is a full set of taxi driver accounts including the self assessment tax return.

    Both couriers and van drivers have similar businesses to taxi drivers in that they move items from one place to another in a similar way in which taxi drivers move people from one location to another. And because of the similarity in business activity then this taxi accounting package would be equally suitable for couriers and van drivers.

    Source by Terry Cartwright

    Торговый день — 99% не — найти, почему

    я был день торговли сейчас, 10 лет. Я взорвал 2 счета — один $30000 и другой $37000 . Я в группе 99%, что никогда не делают это день торговли. Вещь я довольно умный, Колледж образования человек с 140 IQ, и тем не менее я по-прежнему взорвали два счета.

    Я написал эту статью для любого из заинтересованных в торговый день, чтобы помочь сделать решение. Они либо будут учиться быть частью 1% победителей, которые будут иметь возможность день торговли (из любого места в мире) или одним из 99%, что будет ошибкой и взорвать их счетов. Так что если ваш серьезно о попытке день торговли читайте дальше.

    Теперь правду говорят, что я пошел в день торгов на несколько лет без образования. Вскоре я понял, после того, как дует несколько тысяч на запасы пенни, что там действительно было не богатства можно найти там.

    Затем выключить Интернет, чтобы получить мудрость коллектива. Это тупик и их информация неисправен. В самом деле, Торговый день является триллионов долларов год бизнес, как вы думаете кто-нибудь в Интернете будет дать вам торгового дня сообщить, что это правильно? Почти каждая вещь в Интернете, что вы читали о Дневная торговля, или на всех торговых запасов имеет значение false и разработан, чтобы помочь снять деньги с вашего кошелька.

    Как насчет книг? Да там это! Я читал некоторые книги и быть в состоянии торговать фондовой как Джима Крамера… (BTW, читать все его биржевой торговли книги) это Джим Крамер телевизионных развлекательных клоун и вероятно не будет на телевидение, если он действительно был то, что он говорит он, Гарвардский образование и все.

    Действительно это подвергнуть испытанию, смотреть его шоу, а затем смотреть, что происходит с акции, которые он упоминает. Не даже прямо на 50%. Он поможет вам сделать всё потерять деньги быстрее, то ваш эскимо плавления на день 95 градусов.

    Я даже взял некоторые частные классы и заплатил гонорар красивый быть рассказал, как торговать. Один, что приходит на ум — основы Уолл-стрит, в ведении Гэри Уильямс. Не то, что классы были недурно, но они не были, что один должен научиться торговать дня. Они взяли меня вниз по дороге непрерывного образования. Но я до сих пор потерял мой день торговые счета, как вам, если вы не будете следовать моим указаниям здесь.

    Так что ответ я попросил моей самоуправления, глядя в окно моей смотрителя дома с видом на Карибское море (работа, которую я взял, чтобы сделать достаточно денег, чтобы открыть еще один торговый счет)?

    Правда, мне нужно наставника, что, когда резиновые хит дороги и мой мозг начал курить. Как в мире я выбрал бы кого-то? Кто-то уже был в окопах и торговые каждый день и почему бы в мире они наставник меня? Там это, что то, что пришли на мой взгляд…

    Здесь находятся крупнейшие проблемы, которые будут сталкиваться торговцев дня.

    1. По капитализации — на мой взгляд самый большой из них. Столица — ваша кровь. Если вы не начать с по крайней мере $30000 вам лучше начать, экономя ваши деньги. В самом деле КДТ не позволит вам сделать день торговли прямо сейчас без по крайней мере $25000 в учетной записи
    2. эмоции — которые право все меняется, когда у вас есть деньги на линии. Особенно, если вам нужно денег, чтобы жить. Мои советы? Сохранить достаточно, так что вам не будет нужно деньги вы торгуете с. Торговля с нужны деньги, безусловно, будет сильной отрицательной
    3. под образованные. Мне не волнует, как вы умны. ВАМ НУЖЕН ПЛАН. Если вы не торговать с планом вы планируете на провал. Нет, если, и или но о ней.
    4. ожидали попасть домой бежать каждый раз. Нет, действительно это работа, хорошо оплачиваемую работу, но это работа. EX я сделать вокруг средний $250 в день. Несколько дней я попал домой бежать. Большинство дней, это один. Мой лучший день так далеко? $1200. Мой худший день? -ХММ 5000 $.
    5. чтобы получить план что нужно наставника, одно это не действительно в учение за деньги. Вот почему вы здесь — я собираюсь поделиться с вами, мои гуру. Принять его или оставить его он самый лучший на планете на то, что он делает, и он готов поделиться с только несколько в год. Почему я делюсь? Действительно есть много ходить, фондовый рынок изобилует богатства, небольшой руки полны людей, изучающих день торговли будет иметь никакого эффекта что так когда-либо на рынки.

    Теперь день торговал по крайней мере 4 месяца или так я мог бы рассказать липа с пони. Есть куча парней, что претенденты. Они смотрят на экран и сказать вам, когда покупать и когда продавать. Его, как старая пословица «если вы хотите кормить человека за один день, вы дать ему рыбу, если вы хотите, чтобы кормить его за время жизни вы научить его ловить рыбу»

    я добавил ссылку в окне ресурсов, что является прямая ссылка на единственный день торговых Источник что доверять или будут использовать в Интернете.

    Он взял меня два года, чтобы найти знак, не делают те же ошибки, которые я сделал. Марк дает прочь свободный день торговые руководства, что является второй нет

    Source by Anthony Gatto